Friday, April 06, 2007

Religion Strikes Back Against Reason

I caught the tail end of tonight's 'Closeup' programme on TV1, an Easter special on religion and 'fundamentalism' in New Zealand. Having seen only five minutes, I don't know what was said during the rest of the show, so I can't comment on that; however, even in those five minutes the christian presence on the panel made my blood boil. The panel consisted of (as far as I can make out) two christians of differing denominations, a buddhist, a muslim, a rabbi and a representative from the NZ Humanist and Rationalist society. The part of the discussion I did see regarded the difference between 'wrongness on the intellectual level' and 'wrongness on the moral level'. This was mainly between the humanist and one christian, who repeatedly failed to grasp basic logic, and continually twisted the answer of the humanist into garbled nonsense. The christian's statements made absolutely no sense whatsoever. As for the buddhist— well, I don't mind buddhists so much since they at least don't try and push their beliefs up my nose, but her statement made even less sense.

I really can't believe that so many Kiwis fall for this. It's the oldest trick in the book: if you can't convince people through rational, logical, sensible arguments, bamboozle 'em with bullshit and complexity.

On the 'Closeup' programme website, some people have made comments, but this one—which I can only suspect comes from a christian—takes the "I'm an insular, racist bigot" award:
"We have too many immigrants trying to force their religion on New Zealanders and expect us to follow suit. Sure religion is fine but when you come to a new country you follow the rules (for want of a better word) of that country."
- A. Dumbhick

If you are reading this blog from outside New Zealand, or from within for that matter, then hear this: This attitude is intellectually and morally wrong. Whoever wrote that is a dumb hick, and does not represent me as a Kiwi or a Scotsman or a Human Being. Besides, the gaping hipocrisy which the commenter is guilty of is that every single NZ european, christian or not, is—or is descended from—an immigrant into Aotearoa, Land of the Long White Cloud. Maori were settled here long before them then, and us now, and whom european christians forced their religion upon at the end of bayonettes and gun-barrels. It is this type of christian who is now trying to have NZ declared a christian nation. Because they are peace loving, tolerant people. Not.

If you want to see some figures on the number of religious nutballs that live in this country, look here.

Did anyone reading this happen to record the whole show? If so, I'd be very greatful to get hold of a copy; please leave a comment.

Once again, I call upon you to Join The Resistance.


Anonymous shewbie said...

Christianity - giving you the right to force your beliefs on everyone else!

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