Sunday, September 23, 2007

UK Army Chief Loses Touch With Reality

Just read this news article on the BBC, and was completely infuriated.

So the man in charge of the British Armed Forces thinks the public should have more respect for servicemen returning from the conflict in Iraq. My question to him would be "Why?"

I have a feeling that the reason that people don't is because the British Army has no business being in Iraq in the first place. Iraq was invaded by American and British Forces with no mandate other than that fraudulently contrived by Bush and Blair.

Nearly all of General Sir Richard Dannatt's comments showed that he has lost the plot when it comes to the relationship of the Army to the population. For example:
"When a young soldier has been fighting in Basra or Helmand, he wants to know that the people in their local pub know and understand what he has been doing and why."
I'm sure that the folk down t' local know exactly why British Forces are in Iraq—so that the West can maintain some semblance of control in the region by installing puppet governments whom are 'open' to courtship by Western business interests. Just ask anyone from Nicaragua. Or Haiti. Or the Dominican Republic. Or Honduras.
"Soldiers are genuinely concerned when they come back from Iraq to hear the population that sent them being occasionally dismissive or indifferent about their achievements."
Achievements? So illegaly pacifying a country for foreign interests is something to be proud of... And who exactly sent the troops to Iraq in the first place? The general public has no control whatsoever over the actions of the Army... The Army is commanded by politicians at the highest level. Anyone old enough to chew solids knows that politicians act in their own interests under the guise of representing the people.
"We must move from being a society that uses the military as a political and media football and more towards seeing the military for what it is... [which is] the instrument of foreign policy conducted by a democratically-elected government acting in the name of the people."
The Army are simply trained thugs with government backing - they are not representatives of the people of Britain, nor are they carrying out the will of the people. Hasn't he seen the widespread, large-scale protests against the war?

Where do they get these people?