Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Form & Function

Ahh, that's better. Relaxed, harmonious tones to soothe the eyes. I thank Douglas Bowman for lending me his 'Minima' style for so long, and providing an excellent base on which to build a new look.
I also added a link on the right-hand panel whereby you may obtain the latest version of Firefox in all its multi-tabbable, plug-inable, non-spywareable glory. What? You're still using Internet Exploder? Shame on you. If you value your computing freedom, don't be a Microsoft flunkie! The Good Doctor says:
"Take one Firefox Web Browser before bedtime, and if headaches persist, see your specialist. Warning: Side effects may include compulsion to obtain and install Linux."
Best Regards,



Blogger WOODROW said...

hi, how are you.....?

12:18 pm  
Blogger J.L. said...

Hi, Woodrow, I'm fine thanks. How do you like the new colour scheme?

8:43 pm  

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