Monday, April 09, 2007

Gold Against The Soul

Ok. So today was a public holiday in NZ. Due to the prevailing government, employees who work today are taken care of. This is a Good Thing. We get time-and-a-half, plus a day in lieu.

Today's outrage is (drum roll, if you please)— cafés and restaurants passing on the additional cost of opening today to customers, by way of an absurd 15% surcharge on food and drink. If you are reading this, and are the owner of such an establishment, I would like you to go F#ck Yourself.

I don't work in a café or restaurant, but I did work today. I wasn't charging people an extra 15% for Hi-Fi. Neither would it have cost me 15% extra to fill up my car today, if I had one. If I had gone grocery shopping, I would have paid the same price for a tin of beans as I did yesterday, and will do tomorrow.

There are three possible reasons for the greed of café and restaurant owners:
  1. The government put a gun to their collective heads and made them do it; though they begged to leave the prices as they were, the government just wouldn't listen to their pleas. No, that doesn't sound right...

  2. The profit margin keeping the business afloat is so slim that the additional cost of paying staff a little extra will literally fold it like a collapsing house of cards. No, that's not it either...

  3. Good old pocket-stuffin' capitalism: We have a winner

Business owners take note: If you aren't willing to pay your staff the extra money they deserve for giving up their public holiday to earn your business money, you don't have to open. If you do open, you should suck it up as a cost of doing business. Take it from me – an angry engineering student with just enough cash to afford to eat at your establishment – I will avoid any business with the nerve to penalise me for my custom. The money that I'm not spending in your café will be spent at other cafés who appreciate my continued business. Just don't do it!

That is all.


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