Friday, May 13, 2005

Can't see through Windows?

Ahem. Well, I have removed the customization of my blog template for the moment, oweing to some complaints from friends using IE under Windows. My blog was not displaying properly. It took me ages to put it together, too. It's not my fault that the IE box model is broken. But since I am a considerate joker, and would like people to read my finely crafted prose, I have restored Douglas Bowman's sublime 'Minima' style (with a few modifications). I dislike having to subjugate my creativity to poorly designed Microsoft rubbish, but that's life.
Of course, one obvious solution is to get a real browser, such as Firefox, which correctly implements the box model for CSS. Really, folks, aren't you getting tired of being shafted by a company that is making millions of dollars providing you with sub-standard wares? Aren't you tired of having to fork out doubly to protect yourselves against viruses because Windows is fundamentally insecure? Aren't you sick of The Blue Screen of Death? Of having to register software that you own legally, at your own inconvenience? As I said in an earlier post:
"If you value your computing freedom, don't be a Microsoft flunkie!"
At least, register your complaints with the company in question. It is your duty as a consumer to stand up for your rights. If someone - anyone at all - is doing you out of your hard-earned cash, you need to stop them. If you don't, then they get away with it, and continue providing poor service and products to your friends and family.
By the way, Firefox version 1.0.4 is available now.


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