Sunday, June 12, 2005

Dinner out

E. and I celebrated our 7th anniversary last night, by going out for a meal at Torenhof, a local Belgian pub and restaurant. It was great - we haven't done anything like this in ages.
There are now six (I think) such bars in NZ, three in Auckland, one in Wellington, one in Hamilton, one in Christchurch. The fellow that owns them all buys up pub fittings wholesale in Belguim and freights them back to NZ to be reassembled into authentic Belgian-style bars.
Certainly, the Belgians seem to have it sussed when it comes to good beers. Noteworthy are the likes of Hoegaarden (White and Grand Cru), Duvel, Leffe, and of course Stella Artois. I'd recommend any of these, especially with a bowlful of freshly steamed mussels in Dijon mustard and blue cheese sauce.
I spotted a beer with the tantalising name 'Lucifer', and couldn't resist trying one. (There was another one named 'Delirium Tremens' which sounded equally as interesting, but I left that for another time...)
We had oysters Kilpatrick to start with, and the pots of steamed mussels and bread as a main. Following that, there were the obligatory waffles with fruit compote.
A good evening.


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