Friday, May 11, 2007

Day Two: Thursday

Apologies for the lack of post yesterday; I had no computer access. I'm posting this brief update at work in my lunch break.

Yesterday got off to a poor start, as I totally slept in. I've been getting much more physical exercise than I'm used to, and as a result, I was totally worn out from cycling around so much. I woke at about 8:20am, threw my clothes on, hurriedly grabbed a banana, a pear, a museli bar and some water for lunch, and headed out the door without breakfast. Big mistake. By lunchtime I was feeling light headed, and I had drunk all of my water ration. Lunch wasn't enough to bring me back. I spent the rest of the working day feeling weak and tired. Lesson learned.

Thursday also happened to be the last day at work for one of our staff, T.N., who is moving on to greener pastures, so I made an exception for the occasion and joined him and the rest of the crew for a beer or two and some chips. It would have been rude not to. I paid the price for this, though, as afterwards I had to cycle home in the dark, a bit drunk and quite tired. The beers went straight to my head because I was dehydrated.

Got home about 7:15pm, fumbled around for my keys, and let myself in. Immediately reached for the light switch - then realised, of course, that there was no point. Habit is hard to break.

I took my dog for a walk, which she enjoyed. She has been a bit maligned lately, and I felt terribly guilty about not having more time for her. The Week of Penury hasn't really been a big change for her - although she must be puzzled about the lack of light in the house.

After this, I reheated more of last night's chilli and pasta, which went down a treat. Listened to some radio, then called my parents. They were a bit suprised to hear about my experiment, but were supportive. The call lasted an hour and a half, and it was good to speak to them.

By the time I had got off the phone I was ready for bed. Hit the sack at about 11:30pm, which is early by my standard, but I badly needed to rest.

Another update to follow shortly.



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