Tuesday, June 14, 2005


You are worth 1 / 6,447,696,763rd of humanity as at 14th of June 2005 at 11:03:30 GMT, according to www.census.gov. That's right, just 0.00000000015509414241353336 of the world's population. In engineering notation, you are roughly 155.1 pHu (picoHuman-units).

A bit silly? Perhaps. It makes you think, though: Is life getting cheaper? I mean, there are six billion, four-hundred-and-forty-seven million, six-hundred-and-ninety-six thousand, seven-hundred-and-sixty-two other people on the planet. All using diminishing resources like land, energy, food and hope. All clammouring to take their place. Most struggling to get there. Yearning to be acknowledged. I have heard many times that life is precious. But you would not think it to see the situation in many areas around the globe.

Thought for the day:
Even to be such a small part of life is better than not to be part of life at all.


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