Sunday, May 13, 2007

Day Three: Friday

Playing catch-up again! Friday went better than Thursday. Didn't sleep in this morning. Got up at about 7:40am. Had porridge with raisins and honey for breakfast, got washed, put water out for the dog, got on my bike and made it to work a whole five minutes early. This gave me time to recover from the chronic morning rush-hour exhaust fumes.

Lunch today was a banana, an orange and a museli bar. In addition, i had made a jam sandwich; one piece of rather stale bread folded in half with some jam in it. Still edible, though, and on the whole it made for a more satisfying lunch.

I've been quite lucky so far in that the weather has been good; cycling in the rain is no fun at all. It did rain a little this afternoon, but it had cleared up by the late afternoon.

Cycled home after work, getting to the house at about 6:50pm. I'm getting used to the routine now, and didn't reach for the light switch today. Once my legs had stopped aching, I took the dog for a walk, which she was very happy about. Made some minestrone soup for dinner. Of course, the soup is condensed, and I discovered it takes about 400ml of water to reconstitute it. One whole can of condensed soup is really enough for two people, but I was hungry after all the cycling I've been doing. I had this with more bread, which softened up nicely.

Listened to National Radio for a bit, and did some reading for my law paper. Later on at about 8:50pm, I decided to head out to take some mail to my friend J.H., who—along with B.N.—will be moving back in with me at the end of next week. I took the dog with me so that she'd get some thorough exercise. This turned out to be a very long walk. I got to J.N.'s place at about 9:40pm, and talked with him for about 15 minutes. He was keen to hear how I was doing on the Week. Then I walked all the way home again, by a slightly different route.

As it was Friday night, all the boy racers were out in formation, generally being a bunch of pricks and putting everyone in danger. Got home about 10:40pm, knackered. Flopped into bed soon after.


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