Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Toastie question

Just what is a toastie? Some debate has arisen here at the flat as to the actual composition of a toastie, not including fillings, which is a whole sub-genre of conunderum altogether and beyond the scope of my expertise. Bonus question: What is the fundamental difference between a toastie and a toasted sandwich? There are two main camps:
  1. The stance held by my esteemed flatmate J.H. who purports that a toastie is a single slice of toasted bread with a topping (usually Colby* cheese and Marmite** in his case), and that a toasted sandwich is similar, but involves another slice of toasted bread on top to make a sandwich. Logical, yes, but correct?
  2. The position taken by myself whereby I suggest that a toasted sandwich and a toastie are one and the same, and that the open-topped single slice with topping (just Tasty cheddar*** cheese, in my case, although I have been known to frivolously throw some diced onion into the fray), is known as Roasted Cheese. Technically I admit it really should be called Grilled Cheese as per the method of preparation, but (in my family at least) it has always been known as Roasted Cheese.

*Read:tasteless yellow plastic cheese.
**This is allegedly a yeast extract, whatever that means, but I know that it's really tar residue scraped from the boots of roadside maintainence crews.
***The only true cheese. You know it makes sense!

What say you, good and noble citizens?


Blogger Chad said...

My personal favorite is two slices of oat nut bread with tuna and cheddar, grilled to a golden brown. Yummy. Not sure if that would count as a toastie or just a toasted sandwhich. Either way, I think I'll have one now.

2:32 am  

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