Sunday, September 25, 2005

Be a tidy Kiwi!

I went to work this morning. As usual, the first order of the day was to pick up all the rubbish so thoughtfully left behind by the patrons of the adjacent [fast food outlet].
These people who use the drive-through and then sit in their cars in the car park really annoy me. Quite often, having finished their [fast food], I see them glance around to see if anyone is watching, open their car doors ever so slightly, and tuck a bag of rubbish under their car. And then drive off, running over the bag (drink and all) and leaving a mess everywhere. This litter then accumulates in our car park due to the prevailing winds. More often though, they just toss their rubbish out the window, with complete contempt.
What's wrong with these bastards? There are at least two rubbish bins nearby. It would take maybe ten seconds to get out of their shit-box cars and walk to the bin, deposit the rubbish and get back to the car. Ten. Fucking. Seconds. I cannot fathom the depths of laziness these people have sunk to.

Are they ignorant? Just stupid? Maybe they're just a bunch of lazy spoilt pricks.

It is a different story in the kingdom of Denmark. There, they take littering seriously, and people in the streets will actually reprimand you for dropping litter in plain view. The Danes take a real pride in their clean (and I mean clean - it is absolutely spotless) environment.

"Oh, but I can't find a bin..." Yeah, right. Look harder, morons. There are plenty around. Or why not just leave in in the car until you get home? Really, there are no excuses for not being a tidy Kiwi. I came to NZ to get away from all the pollution and litter that makes the UK a rotten place. Now I'm beginning to see it here.

Be a tidy Kiwi!


Blogger dreamer said...

There are a few countries around the world that are both clean, and don't have any rubbish bins in sight, whatsoever. You're expected to keep your rubbish on you, and dispose of it at home.

Litterers piss me off.. I twitch whenever I see smokers toss their butts. I think violence would be a pretty credible solution ;)

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