Tuesday, November 01, 2005

"I got the post-traumatic blues..."

Puzzlement and frustration was last week's theme. A package containing a birthday present for my brother got 'lost' (stolen) in the mail. For the [insert large number]th time. NZ Post suck. Couriers suck. If you pay a premium price for a service, you might well logically conclude that some degree of service would take place. But no, not in NZ, where the 'I don't give a tinker's toss' attitude prevails. Wankers.

I also killed my computer on Saturday. Not intentionally, of course, but the experience does remind one that it is really stupid to screw around with things that you don't know anything about, in my case the hidden settings in the BIOS. Although, I'm not 100% sure that it was actually my fault: The machine never resurfaced after flashing some new changes. Refused to boot. Wouldn't do a POST. Didn't even beep on its way out. So I'm coming to you live from a brand new motherboard. (The new motherboard is the next one up in the range from the one I had: It has an extra RAM slot, two more PCI slots, and a newer - and hopefully more incomer-proof - BIOS. And it cost $20 less than the old one. So it's not all bad news.)

Thought for the day:
"Ain't no way to delay that trouble comin' every day"
- Frank Zappa


Blogger dreamer said...

Couriers have mishandled my gear all too often :/

Sorry to hear about the pc trouble.. I can definitely relate. Mine's _still_ not going, and I'm still waiting on a late courier delivery *grin*

10:45 pm  
Blogger J.L. said...


I thought you managed to fix the power supply problem... Or is this a different issue?

I'm really enjoying my new Kubuntu system, and - bonus! - everything that didn't work in Mandrake works in Kubuntu! For example, I had to hack the udev config file to get my MP3 player working under MDK, and even then, it was scatty and did odd things. But it works with absolutely no configuration at all in Kubuntu!

The Kubuntu / Athlon / Gigabyte combo get a definite thumbs up.
Couriers and NZ Post: Thumbs down. Release the lions...

2:08 am  

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