Monday, May 14, 2007

Day Five: Sunday

Like Saturday, work starts later on Sunday, and finishes earlier. Slept in a wee bit today. Decided to try making cereal for breakfast, using the milk powder. This worked well, although the reconstituted milk is only vaguely analogous to real milk. It was OK. Also decided to have coffee at work; I packed some instant coffee and 'Splenda' sweeteners with lunch, boiled water to take with me in my small flask, had a wash and headed off to work.

Lunch today was another banana (gotta love those bananas), a pear and a museli bar. And hot coffee! Like the milk, the sweeteners bear only a passing resemblance to sugar, but worked well enough. Incidentally, I understand that athletes are particularly partial to bananas, as they release energy slowly and are rich in vitamins and minerals. That's good enough for me. My boss, C.W., went next door to get Burger King for lunch.

There was a bit of a headwind on the way home, so it took a little longer to cycle home after work. It was still light when I arrived, and the dog was happy to see me. Took her for a walk in the park near where I live—I can only do this during daylight as it isn't lit at all at night.

Set another fire when I got home, although this was hard work. The wood I had picked was not seasoned enough, and was still full of sap and moisture. It took ages to get going. Eventually, the sap boiled out of the ends of the logs, but the fire didn't produce nearly as much heat as the previous night's had. With careful addition of kindling and repositioning the logs, they burned better.

Dinner was another can of soup. Pea and ham this time, with the last of the bread, which had gotten progressively harder and harder as the Week progressed. Being a crusty loaf, it was already tough when I bought it. I must say that I'm impressed with the bread from the Sydenham Bakery. It seems to keep for much longer than bread bought from the supermarket, which is rip-off if you ask me; usually, you have at most three days to use the whole loaf before it goes mouldy. Conversely, the bread from the Bakery lasts for a week or more before it starts to go off. And it's good bread into the bargain.

I stayed in tonight again, by the fire. Read some more for my law paper, and listened to National Radio. Also started reading the "Linux Network Administration Guide" by O'Reilly books, in preparation for turning the power back on and J.H. and B.N. moving back in.

Later, I felt the need for a whisky: one dram of The Glenlivet, and afterwards, one of Glenmorangie. Went to bed very relaxed at about 11:30pm.


Anonymous Bob.E said...

Reading your posts, I suddenly felt the inexplicable wish to head over and play cards by the light of a candle. That, and wail away on a harmonica... but I'd have to grow a beard for the full effect I'm afraid.

Great to hear you are managing so well! Hell, I manage to stumble into work late on occasion, and that's WITH a clock radio and a Combustion AutoMobile! Scandalous!

Truly, 'the height of sensationalism has finally been reached!'

Also, check dreamer's blog if you can.

7:50 pm  

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