Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Day Six: Monday

For me, Monday is a day off work. I do have a class at Polytech to go to in the morning though, so I had to get up and get prepared. I slept in a bit, since the lecture doesn't begin until 10:00am. Had cereal and milk (made with milk powder) for breakfast, and boiled water for the flask. Got out the door on time, and cycled to 'tech. I'm getting used to the bike ride now, and it seems to take less time than it did at the beginning of the Week.

I needn't have bothered. Class was cancelled today, as our tutor was ill. I decided to head over to work and have a coffee with the guys. There, I checked my email, and updated my blog, posting entries covering the last few days; Computer access has been sporadic at best.

This took until lunchtime, and by then I was ready of my museli bar, orange and banana. I headed up to the square to eat lunch in the sun. It was reasonably warm in the sunlight. After an hour or so, I remembered that I needed to check my mail box, so I wandered up that way. One package for my brother, and numerous pieces of mail for the previous box holders and other people I don't know. Also junk mail. I took my brother's package, put the other mail in the returns box and the junk in the recycle bin, and headed back to the Polytech library to do some research for the law assignment for my engineering management paper.

On the way into the library, I bumped into anyzoom and a friend, who were keen to hear how the Week was going. Spent about an hour in the library before I got bored, and decided to go home while it was still light, and before the rush-hour traffic. Cycled home again.

Once home, I took the dog for a walk in the park, and thought about dinner. Tonight's meal would either be haggis, potatoes and peas, or canned salmon with tomato sauce and pasta. I went with the haggis; this would give me another meal the following day. With dinner, I also had one of the beers left by C.S. and J.S., which was rather nice. After dinner, it was the now familiar routine of listening to National Radio and reading by candlelight. Later, I took the dog for another walk, and treated myself to a dram of whisky before bed.

Only one day left to go!


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