Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Day Seven: Tuesday

Another day off. Slept in until 10:30am, made cereal with milk from milk powder for breakfast. There's something disturbing about milk powder; could be the rather off-white-slightly-green colour, or the fact that I bought skimmed milk powder rather than real milk powder. (Come on people—skimmed milk? Our ancestors were drinking full milk in its fatty, creamy goodness for centuries before the invention of skimmed milk, and with no ill effects.) It is a similar enough analogue of the real thing, I guess.

Walked and watered the dog; received general approval in the form of slobber.

I needed to prepare for the big switch-on. Seeing as it was another fine day, I headed into town on Shanks' Pony (on foot, for all you non-Kiwis). This took an hour or so. Checked my private mail box on the way. I needed to buy a copy of the day's newspaper for proof of my abstinence from mains A.C. over the last week. The package I received for my brother also needed to be delivered.

After dropping in at work to say hi, I headed off in the direction of my brother's house. An hour later, I arrived to find that he wasn't home. Damn. I needed to borrow his digital camera to take the aforementioned photo proving my abstinence from mains A.C. After waiting a while, and talking with one of his flatmates about the relative merits of the European Union, the Scottish elections and how study was going, I raised him on the phone only to find out he wouldn't be back for another hour. Damn. He gave me the OK to grab his camera, and I left the package for him. I headed to a newsagent to grab a copy of The Press, and started home again. An hour later... I was quite tired.

This evening's dinner was the rest of the haggis, potatoes and peas, along with a beer; a good hearty meal.

I called J.H. to arrange computer access to post in the blog here, but as it turned out this wasn't possible. He headed over to my place with some of his belongings. We had a whisky as we waited for the time of the big switch-on to arrive.

It sounds odd, but I was a bit apprehensive about turning the power back on! Over the Week, I had gotten used to life without it, and found that you can live quite a decent lifestyle even with out electricity—for short periods at least.

When the clock advanced to 10:25pm, I took the photo, and flicked the power back on at the board. The fridge rumbled to life, and when the hallway light was turned on, it felt extremely bright.

After that, I helped J.H. unload his car, and he drove me to work to pick up transport for the following morning. We arranged to meet for breakfast the following morning. I drove home.


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