Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Muppet Show

I have been feeling a bit weary of late. A lot of things have sapped my strength. I feel disappointed with the modern world and the people who populate it.

Just today I read an article in The Press about how Kiwi schoolkids are failing to acquire a second language, and what repercussions this might have for them and this country. Second language? Kiwis seem to have enough trouble mastering their first language, let alone a second.

While I was in town, I managed to avoid a young man wandering around asking people if they "had any spare change, bro"—he was dressed in what I can only assume (given his supposed lack of money) were designer knock-off jeans, trainers and hoodie that I would struggle to afford.

All last week seemed riddled with amateurs, idiots, people with no clue whatsoever; fools wallowing in their consumer culture.

How much money has been squandered on pointless bullshit films like "Spiderman III" and "Pirates of The Caribbean III"? Could that extensive resourse not have been put to better use?

What is to be done about it all?


Blogger Osman said...

"In cities and conurbations, our roles, our status and our place in the community are largely signalled in terms of commercial success, which in turn is best displayed in the form of expensive comodities. Materialism has become so much the basis of Western culture that large secondary industries, advertising and marketing goods, exist to reinforce it and encourage its growth....

A... built-in limit to materialism is that, for the circular system to survive, particularly in a commercial world where most money used is borrowed, it has to transform itself from a simple circle into an ascending spriral. MORE new and better goods available all the time and MORE money in the system to buy them..."

Yeh, I know how you feel.

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